MBFC is a ministry for bringing business people and practices to Jesus Christ. We have a mission to help people to appreciate the pre-eminence of Almighty God in all businesses done on earth. To serve as an extension agent of God’s work by encouraging people to apply the values and standards taught by Jesus Christ in all fields of endeavor and to help people in businesses to improve the performance of their enterprises through teaching, counseling and consulting based on Christ approved principles.


Upcoming events

The Marketplace Seminar Series

The Marketplace Seminar Series

The event brings together corporate professionals, entrepreneurs and leaders of commerce to discuss critical issues affecting business in the country. It provides a platform to hear from industry leaders proffering practical solutions and tested road maps for success enterprises and corporate bodies.

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The upcoming event, holding on the 27th of June, is themed: ‘Response of Business People to the Government’s Anti-Corruption Drive’. It aims to consider the dynamics of the current administration’s war against corruption, how it affects businesses and business practices, as well as the most beneficial ways to position one’s business in response to these policies.
Chief among speakers at the event will be Dr. Christopher Kolade (CON).


DATE: Thursday 27 July 2017;
TIME: 10 a.m – 12.30 p.m.
VENUE: Education Hub, 1st Floor, East Wing, Lagos City Hall, Catholic Mission Street, Lagos Island
For further information, please contact us:
PHONE: +234 909 5320 073, +234 817 7755 336
EMAIL: info@mbfchrist.org