What has God to do with business?

God owns the world and everything in it, individuals, businesses & business people. If you’re a chief executive, you are where you are by God’s grace alone. It’s irrelevenat whether you know God or not. It doesn’t change the fact that God owns you & your business.

What kinds of businesses are supported by MBFC?

Business is defined as anything that your hand finds to do, so it includes ministry, political, military and commercial businesses – wherever there is exchange of goods, ideas and skills.

Is MBFC only for Christians?

MBFC is a ministry to Christians, Muslims, Hindus, etc – everyone created by God.

What areas of business are covered at seminars?

Seminars cover business principles in general strategy, marketing, funding etc. A seminar may be followed by one to one counseling session.

Is MBFC a counseling or consulting or mentoring organization?

Although much of the work can involve counselling and referrals, the organization is quick to avoid labels. MBFC services are more than just business consultancy or business coaching or mentoring. MBFC comes into a business, not based on our knowledge and experience, but we come carrying the ark of the Lord. We’re merely vessels in His hand.