If MBFC were a man . . .

Managing Business for Christ! That was the most unusual name for a business I had ever heard. I looked at the business card handed to me by Mr. David Abraham and I must admit I was a little impressed. I was impressed that someone was brave enough to put the word Christ in the name of their business. On my way home, I started to think of what exact business MBFC could possibly be engaged in. Being a Google fanatic it was the first place I went to get more information. For some reason I seemed not to be typing the right key words to find out more, so I let it go. In due course all would become clear.

It’s been nearly three since I walked into the MBFC office. I remember the journey to get here like it was the very first day, it had rained heavily and there was heavy traffic. To make matters worse the taxi driver had to stop to buy fuel (as if he couldn’t have done that before starting the day’s business). I was over half an hour late but I managed to make it for the morning devotion. Morning devotion? I thought to myself, also very impressive. It’s nice to know that you can really start your day with Jesus even in the workplace. I started to make my assumptions about MBFC from then on.

MBFC is a Christian organisation and their business is to make other business successful by applying simple biblical principles as practiced by they themselves. It became all too clear now. How a group of people would dedicate their lives to be a model of God’s kingdom in the business world to other businesses; they were Christians.

If MBFC were a man, he’d probably be called Bob, not because it was easy to spell, but because the name was simple enough and was easy for everyone to relate to. He’d be in his late 30’s or early forties; because he is young enough to be contemporary but still has sufficient life’s experiences to give good advice. He’d probably be happily married with two lovely kids. And everyday he’d go from business to business armed with nothing more than a smile and his worn out bible (it’s worn out because it gets used a lot), giving words of encouragement and support to all who are willing to receive it. He probably won’t be very much appreciated though. Sometimes people seem to think his approach to life is very simplistic. But I can hear his response to that often being “Life is simple, the Lord made it so”. He never gets angry and doesn’t expect you to acknowledge his efforts; all the satisfaction he needs is from making a difference.

And if you ever walked past him on the streets or on the road, you’re sure to get a smile that’ll get you through the day.