MBFC offers you access to a unique range of benefits and valuable services to support you in fulfilling your personal goals as a business or professional person.

We are committed to providing you with a support network and ensure that your needs as a business person are met within the MBFC family.

Capacity Building Workshops, Seminars and Training Programs

We organize these events to:

  •  Share business knowledge that build Godly society
  •  Transmit business experience in line with God’s standards
  •  Testify to values that lead to enduring business success
  •  Build a network of people who desire Jesus in their businesses

You can invite MBFC to organize private events for your business


Counseling and Referrals

This is a one-to-one interaction between MBFC and your business.

Success of the exercise depends on willingness and availability of interacting parties to:

  • Meet or communicate as often as necessary
  • Agree on issues and solution approach
  • Implement agreed actions
  • Evaluate results together